Glow retreat

Beauty and Fitness Retreat - We want you to come get glowy with us and recharge Body and Soul!!!

Über den Wolken retreat




  • Accommodations at the Lazy Finca

  • delicious, healthy and holistic meals

  • daily detox tea time

  • beauty glow program:
    create your own scent, make your own natural cosmetics, skincare consultation, special hand care including manicure

  • daily Meditation

  • versatile fitness program:
    Yoga Sessions, Pilates, Hula Hoop
    and Aqua Fit

  • Mountain Bike Tour

  • beautiful landscape and gorgeous hiking trails

  • relaxing garden with pool

  • joint evening program


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Short Description

The IDO Fitness and Beauty Retreat takes you on a journey to recharge and make you shine! A healthy lifestyle is the key for your beauty and your glow!

Take a break from the everyday life, far a way from all stress to detox from all hectic influences. For one week we will fill up our energy tanks in Majorcan idyll and bring our body and soul in balance. We don`t only focus on external beauty, but also on strengthening the body from within with healthy foods and a versatile fitness program for all levels. (You can do as much or as little as you like.) This is the time for you and your body and only you know what’s right for you!


We want to introduce you to our concept of “Holistic Nutrition” and find a balance between

seasonal dishes and a conscious but diverse diet without any sacrifices. Everything has to be

delicious, fill you up and be healthy at the same time. You should feel fit and vital!


For natural beauty you should also use natural beauty products. We will use cosmetics with natural ingredients or just make them ourselves, just as in our beauty DIY Sessions. From holistic skincare tips over to your own creation of a wellness scent to all kinds of different beauty boosting recipes. We will find the perfect Beauty-Mix that makes you glow! We will use 100% natural ingredients – so pure nature for pure glow!


For our well-being we have to create a daily balance for our body. It’s hard to overcome one’s weaker self with a forced gym routine. We, however, want to experience a Wellness-Fitness-Approach with you that is fun and possible to integrate into your everyday life. Meditation and Yoga for inner peace, strength and balance; Pilates and Aqua Fit to strengthen all main muscles and Hula Hoop because its a fun energy boost that activates your core!

If we combine all of these approaches, we will have a week full of Relaxation, Restoration and Rejuvenation on all levels – to release your natural glow!

Healthy food for all retreat guests

In order to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere this retreat is for women only and limited to 20 participants. Our retreat respect an honors where you are right now in your health journey.

The classes and workshops are for women of any skill level and any physical condition. We welcome everyone with open arms!

The prices are per person. A separate booking must be made for each person in a group, please note in the comment box if you wish to share a room with a friend. If not, you will share it with a friend you haven't met :)

The flight to Palma is not included in the price.



From the glow of enthusiasm I let the melody escape.
— Beethoven

Finca Hotel on Mallorca

short description

The rustic, twelve-room Finca Hotel lies in south-eastern Majorca, off the beaten track and surrounded by meadows, fields and fruit trees. With its on-site olive plantation, an orangery where chickens roam free under citrus trees and a verdant pool area, the countryside idyll reaches perfection. In 1597, the foundation stone for the main building was laid and Finca Son Valls was born.

ombining original Majorcan features with the lazy, casual attitude that makes it a dream holiday destination, the Finca Hotel awaits your arrival. How about sipping a delicious gin tonic while sharing the sunset on the Chill Out roof terrace? Perhaps you would prefer to relax in one of the hammocks or the cozy bali-bed in the poolside oasis?


In contrast, the chapel, Gothic lounge, old sundial and antique furniture tell their own story about bygone times.

chilled-out selection of activities, including individual excursions, mountain biking, yoga, refreshing drinks at the Bulli Bar, VW Bulli hire and various evening events turn Son Valls into Lazy Finca. 

A holiday with a motto: Anything goes, no pressure... there is nothing wrong with being lazy sometimes.




On Saturday, April 21 st 2018, there will be two time Slots for a shuttle to pick you up at the Airport Palma de Mallorca (PMI). We can also collect you along the way in Palma (prior arrangements have to be made with us)


Slot 1: 

11:30 Uhr AIRPORT

11:50 Uhr Palma  

Slot 2:             

14:00 Uhr AIRPORT          

14:20 Uhr Palma                 



Shuttle-Transfer from and to the Airport Palma de Mallorca,
6x accommodations, 6x Breakfast, 6x Lunch, 6x Tea-Time with Snacks,
6x Dinner, 6x Evening program.

4x Meditation Sessions, 3x Yoga, 2x Hula Hoop Classes, 1x Pilates,
1x Mountain bike Tour, 1x Aqua Fit.

1x Create your own Scent 1x natural beauty mask, 1x Body Exfoliation,
1x Body Butter, 1x Skin Care Consultation, 1x Hair treatment, 1x Lotion bar, 1x Hand Exfoliation und 1x Manicure.

Retreat Pricing Deutschland

All bookings are final with no refund. In case of illness or force majeure we will do our best to find a solution/have another participant take the space. It is possible to give your space to a friend, just inform us at least 1 week before the retreat takes place via email

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