Berlin City

Berlin has a magnetic effect on tourists from all over the world. Once dominated by the presence the Berlin wall, the city today is a metropolis known for its architecture, art and culture as well as for a large number of festivals.

With its two international airports Tegel and Schönefeld, the city is easily accessible from all domestic and international locations. Berlin is known for its eccentric club and pub scene and, thus it is not surprising that several clubs represent outstanding event locations. In addition, Germany´s capital offers a range of beautiful authentic wedding locations such as urban lofts, charming boutique hotels, hidden, rustic backyard lounges and modern-style rooftop bars.


Berlin – Surrounding Region

Everyone who needs a break from the tumult of the big city, can quickly and pretty easily access the surrounding region of Berlin. There you can escape from the urban jungle to enjoy the beauty and diversity of nature and appreciate the silence and calmness of the countryside. Many lakes and idyllic places invite you to relax. The surrounding area of Berlin offers many activities with its historic places, baroque buildings and beautiful castles and gardens. There are a variety of special locations that leave nothing to be desired. Rustic in a barn or a farm, romantic in a manor or glamorous in a castle. Berlin and its surrounding areas has the right location for everyone and lets every wedding be the special event that you are looking for.

Sylter Strand


Sylt - Island in the german Sea

Sylt for many, even for us, is Quintessence German North Sea. The word Sylt draws images of dunes, lighthouses and seagulls flying over the sea, charming stone houses with thatched roofs, gloomy villages, a fantastic, inimitable nature that enchants us and an excellent offer of local produce. The island has always been a kind of mecca for photographers thanks to the unique, golden sunlight. This stunning light is illustrated by the work of many painters and a perfect spot for any photographer to capture amazing wedding photos.

Sylt offers a range of beautiful authentic wedding locations such as a rustic lighthouse, a beautiful museum, chic country apartments, romantic boutique hotels and at charming beach sights. In short, Sylt is the perfect sea wedding destination for those seeking peace, pockets of character and the sights and smells of rural North Germany.



A Balearic Beauty for a Sunny Celebration- the quaint mountain villages, pretty vineyards, chic marinas, sunny beaches and staying at hip and hidden hideaways.

Most people only know the seaside resorts on the coast of Mallorca. If you want to know how the Mallorquins live, you have to go to the center of the island, and you will discover gentle, hilly landscapes with olive groves, orange fields and vines, every few kilometers interspersed with charming villages and stately fincas. Which places are particularly suitable for a wedding celebration, where the best wine is to be found on the island and how to keep the relaxed holiday feeling during your wedding, we will gladly tell you.

Mallorca Inland
Eiswagen in der Toskana


ITALY - Tuscany

‘Bella vita’ means ‘the beautiful life’ in Italian. This refreshing perspective is found in everything from the loving preparation of fresh pasta to the hand-marbled fountains that center the piazzas. Luckily, the Italians are happy to share a slice of the good life with all who visit. Tucked along Italy’s idyllic western coast, a destination wedding in Tuscany sets you in a dreamy, slow-paced and seductive location. Rolling fields of Chianti and Sangiovese grapes stretch infinitely into the horizon, dotted with distinguished medieval towns where crafting fine food is not just a necessity, but a true art form.

Tuscany with its incredibly diverse landscape is the region’s artistic hub, whether you browse Renaissance masterpieces or local boutique racks. The coastline is truly amazing with idyllic beaches and panoramic views.

All this and more is what make Tuscany wedding packages a thing of beauty, charm and elegance. 


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