About IDO Events


It´s all about the people!

Sharon Werbelow

I knew early on what I wanted to do in life ... plan events.  What other job brings people together for such a positive occasion?

To push myself and to get new perspectives, I decided to study in the US. About 8500 km away from my hometown Berlin I studied Business Administration & Marketing in Oregon. There I also had the opportunity to organize big national dance competitions and events, which I then executed in many US states. My suitcase was never fully unpacked. 

But also weddings have always been my great passion and so I was incredibly grateful that I, together with one of the best event planners of the west coast, was able to plan weddings and bat mitzvah in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Some familiar faces from film and television also sat at the table I had decorated.

With these experiences, impressions and many ideas in my suitcase, I came back home a few years ago and the chapter IDO Events began.

 Since then I have been organizing sophisticated design concepts and stylish events for private and corporate clients from all over the world. 

With a deep love for details, boundless ingenuity and great pleasure in this task, I turn your event into a phenomenal celebration. I offer everything from a single source, but also support individual aspects of the big picture. Every service provider is a partner close to heart and is full of positive energy. 

When I'm not sitting in front of the computer and planning budgets and concepts, I love to travel and discover the world to get new inspirations- (alternatively, you can find me with a glass of wine and my Golden Doodle on the couch). 

 I look forward to getting to know you and to plan your event, near or far. 


If you would like to know more about how I arrange an epic festival,
 which we tell our great-grandchildren about, contact me via pigeon or contact form.
Let's celebrate! ♥



It all started when...

Ideology of the optimists:
We believe that the pillars of our work are based on respect, passion, commitment and a conscious approach!
Respect: Treat everyone politely and respectfully.
Passion: We are only successful with full commitment and joy in what we do.
Commitment: We are partners in crime, not just service providers.
Conscious handling: A continuously meaningful handling for a sustainable further development.

Already during our studies in economics, the idea of growth preoccupied us - our economy is designed for continuous growth. But how can something infinite work on a finite world without end? It can't!


To organize the event of their life for our customers taking a resource-conserving and conscious approach into account, and this with joy and enthusiasm!

We would like to start here with the IDO event agency and inspire to think. It's not about turning yesterday's clichéd old school wedding into a left-wing radical hippie rave where guests eat vegan soybeans and dance barefoot (although dancing barefoot must be fun). Rather, it's about rethinking small things that don't even cost more, from recycled invitation paper to my version of consciously dealing with all the aspects that are part of your event. Because if we start small (I DO!), then something really big can come out of it together - a WE DO!
Today it may still be our romantic philosophical view and hope for the event industry and the world -our ideology of optimists! Tomorrow we will dance together through the night at an event that not only makes you happy, but also everyone else who had a part in it. We're looking forward to it!

As a company with one goal and one mission - to make the world a little bit better with our work - we have decided to do this regularly and from the beginning in the course of a sponsorship. The international children's relief organization Plan International finances sustainable and child-oriented self-help projects in which not only the life of the individual child but of the entire region is to be changed. We are thrilled and happy about our godchild.  Here geht´s to the page of Plan International!  Plan International!


Conception and organization that meet your expectations, planned professionally!